How to write a winning application letter

Most people suggest that writing an application letter is one of the easiest things to do until they face it.

It is better, to begin with finding out what an application letter means. An application letter is an essay that highlights why only you are the right person for a certain job position or a scholarship. Your application letter is supposed to be an unquestionable argument for your admitting to a certain job or course. That is why representing yourself as a candidate with a unique personality is crucial to the letter.

Here are some hints on how to make a winning application letter:

Follow the required recommendations

If you apply to join several organizations, make sure you have different in content application letters for each position. Unfortunately, there is no standard form how to properly make this kind of letter. The maximum scope is limited to 500-1000 words. All application letters are formatted according to the same structure:

  • Introduction (salutation);
  • Main part;
  • Conclusion (sign-off).

These three sections must be logically connected.

Meet the deadline

To avoid feeling panic as the deadline approaches you are urged to plan a schedule and keep to it. If you apply for a scholarship in another city or country you have to manage to send a set of documents beforehand taking into account time for delivery. Find out when the application deadline is. It is often scholarship application documents including scholar application letter must be provided long before a course starts.


Any kind of application letter involves your personal experience or relationship to a certain issue. Being honest with yourself can help to point out your personal achievements and where they came from.

Your answers to some of the following questions might be included in this section:

  • What are your most remarkable credits and why so?
  • Have you got any characteristics, qualities, skills that may distinguish you from others? How have you developed them?

Let yourself be free in expressing your personal achievements. Try to avoid using cliché phrases. It is likely you have your personal victories to share that may sound amazing in the context of your life experience.

Get started

That might seem to be strange. But in fact, the first sentence is so hard to write. Draw up a plan firstly and stick to it.

Tell about yourself

It is obvious A4-sized letter format cannot be enough to describe all details in your life. Briefly represent yourself highlighting the most appropriate and important facts of your career or education experience.

Demonstrate enthusiasm

Your application letter must emit positive energy and passion of what you are writing about. It will be more interesting for a commissioner to read what you really like. Thus pay attention in the letter to the issues you are interested and concerned.

Be specific

Abstract ideas must be omitted in your application letter. Describe specific examples concerning your background throughout the letter.

Don’t be shy to sell yourself

To impress and persuade members of the commission that you are the right person to be selected for this position forms a significant part in employment or enrollment process. Your outstanding individual achievements, awards, talents would be useful to emphasize your uniqueness. However, there is no need to list all individual features, moreover you to do it in CV or application form. In fact, that will be enough to mention and dwell on one or two of them in the letter.

Do not be pathetic

If the main idea of your application letter is to show difficulties and unfair things happened in your life you have to face with, in that case you are unlikely to win. Be sure other candidates deal with problems as well. Remember obstacles do not make us unique, but how we manage to cope with them.

Pay attention to the introduction

Your main task is to catch a commissioner’s attention. Make first part of your letter engaging and interesting to read like that –

Think about how to finish it

Instead of using typical phrases. It will be great to finish your letter with a famous quotation within the context of your letter.

If something goes wrong always keep in your mind a bad experience is an experience as well. People learn from their mistakes.

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